​​​NoBody's Perfect: group for teens

This group is especially designed to help teens "de-stress", let go of perfectionism, increase self-acceptance, improve self-confidence, and be more accepting with the body's they have. We will do this through relaxation exercises, creative expression, yoga, and creative writing.

 FEE: $130  ~  Facilitator: Sherri Snyder-Roche, MA, LMHC

Empowerment, Self-Confidence and Anxiety Reduction for Teens Girls  (LIVE ZOOM)

This is a crazy and stressed out time for most teens these days. This structured 6-week workshop will include everything teens will need to learn to "chill" and  stress less. Each week, teens will learn a new "technique" to fill their anxiety reduction toolbox.  These technique include: MindSkills (challenging irrational thoughts), BodySkills (to calm to anxious body through simple yoga and movement), and Heart Skills (developing self-compassion through meditation and guided visualization). Workbook included plus meditation and music playlists.

Next session starts:TBA, Wednesdays 6-7:30pm .  FEE; $130

Facilitator: Sherri Snyder-Roche, MA, LMHC

Uplift and Create!for Teens

​Have you ever just wanted a safe place to play and explore creative arts? 5 Weeks of creative exploration, play. Each week a different medium to explore. ZOOM Live Workshop- miss a class? Watch the recorded class. Once you register, you will receive a list of art material (kinda like a scavenger hunt). Music Playlists provided to spark joy and imagination, 

Dates:  January 7-February 4, 2021, 6-7:15pm  FEE $100      Facilitator: Sherri Snyder-Roche, MA, LMHC

Anxiety Reduction Program for Adults   

Does your anxiety get in the way of pursuing your dreams? Does it paralyze you emotionally? Do you often feel irritable? Dislike change?

Avoid uncomfortable situations? This program is for you. You will learn effective techniques to re-wire your anxious brain.

This workshop will be facilitated thru ZOOM and recorded so that you can continue to watch it even if you are not able to attend class this night.

Dates:   WINTER 2021  ~  6-7:30 pm   FEE; $ 155     Facilitator: Sherri Snyder-Roche, MA, LMHC 

Integrated Healing Journey  ~ 8 Week Workshop

This integrated program blends creative arts, guided meditations and yoga to heal the body - mind - spirit., The program weaves in the healing power of self-compassion, gratitude, releasing and grounding into each session. Self-acceptance, self-compassion, making peace with your body, releasing shame and self-judgement are some of the keys to self-love and inner happiness. 
DATES: WINTER , 2021,  Eight week group: Wednesdays 6:00-7:30  pm  FEE: $200

​Facilitator: Sherri Snyder-Roche, MA, LMHC  

Kundalini Yoga (ZoomLivestream)
Have you ever wanted to explore a "different" type of yoga? Kundalini is a combination of powerful movement, meditation, breathwork, and mantra chanting to calm the mind. Most participants feel an increase in energy, more alive, yet also incredibly relaxed.
Facilitated by Sherri Snyder-Roche, MA, LMHC, Certified Yoga Instructor
Starting: TBA   FEE: $75 (for 5 weeks)

"Whole Body Anxiety Reduction Training: FACILITATOR TRAINING"

June 18-19, 2022   10am- 6pm ~  2-DAY WORKSHOP     $250



INCLUDED: Facilitator/Clinician Guide, Client Workbook, 2 Yoga Sets, Meditations Scripts,

Guided Imagery Scripts, CBT. The training is both didactic and experiential.

MA-NASW/LMHC 10 CEUs approved   |   NBCC 12 CEs Approved

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