We live in the age of stress and anxiety.  However, there are numerous techniques and approaches that can help to reduce the physical and emotional impact  of stress. Below are some fabulous resources. We cannot change our environment, but we can change how we react to it.

Eating Disorders

Addictions affect millions of people. HBO produced an amazing film and website which cover everything you need to know about addictions. It provides personal accounts, treatment recommendations, interviews with family members, and  information on brain chemistry.

You don't have to go through it alone.


ADCARE Treatment

Drug Rehab

Stress Reduction

Eating disorders have nearly become an epidemic among young adults today. It is not just about dieting. It is not just about losing weight. It is a serious medical and psychological illness that most individuals don't just "get over".  Those with eating disorders are often plagued with feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, extreme anxiety and perfectionism. Want to learn more?


Multi-Service Eating Disorder Association 


Walden Behavioral Care

Klarmen McLeans Eating Disorder Program

Eating Disorders Online: Support for Parents 

Eating Disorder Directory for Massachusetts

There are great books on raising children, but once they hit adolescence, it is a different story! Where are those resources on how to raise TEENS??? Those sweet young children start producing hormones and suddenly you have a kid you don't recognize! These sweet children start to  rebel, and parents are at a loss as to how to respond.....Kids have to go through this "rebellious" phase in order to grow up and mature. But how much is "too much"? When is it disrespect? When do they get consequences for their unruly behavior? Do you ground them for a month? a year?

Click on the links below for some excellent guidance!

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Raising Teens Today

counseling for children, adolescents and adults



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