Amy Kirkpatrick-Rosen

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Actress,


Sherri Snyder-Roche, MA, LMHC
Artist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, and Psychotherapist


Created and Produced by Sherri Snyder-Roche


Gerry Putnam and Cedar House Sound Sutton, NH

Sherri Snyder-Roche created and produced this CD out of great compassion for children and teens who are under tremendous pressures in today's culture. Life is hectic, technologically changing rapidly, and youth of today often overwhelmed. The pace of life can take a toll on stress levels, hearts, connection, health, and our ability to live fully. This project came as a result of a collision of ideas, opening of hearts, connection of friends. Our society has become more stressful, more overwhelming, and busier for many kids and teens ~ and of course for the grown-ups too. The tracks on these two CDs will help to energize and also relax children and teens. It can help to stimulate creative parts of the brain and help to relax the over-active parts. The CDs will also help to boost confidence, decrease anxiety and reduce stress levels. Yoga is not a religion and the CDs do not promote any religious orientation. Yoga, the unity of the body and mind, has been around for thousands of years. Yoga has helped youth (and adults) to ease the stress of our daily lives - it has also been successful at helping to reduce anxiety, sleep difficulties, and even pain. These CDs offer a combination of playful yoga, meditation, creative directives, and guided imagery. 

If you are new to yoga and creative arts, I suggest listening to the CDs fully before you begin. Have art supplies available (large paper, markers, crayons (it doesn't need to be fancy).  And make sure you leave sufficient time for clean up (5-10 minutes)


Calming Young Minds

counseling for children, adolescents and adults


Christopher Lloyd Clark,  BSc, MscD:

Christopher is an Australian musician, composer and director of healing music. He has been practicing meditation and composing healing and meditation music for 15 years. "Music is the language of emotion and of the spirit". We are blessed to share his music to compliment our narration. He has a wonderful way of touching the soul and the heart through music. 
Christopher Lloyd Clark

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