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Integrated Psychotherapy
We  are a group of independent practitioners, each with our own style and clinical approach. We provide a wide variety of services including: individual, couples, family and group therapy.  There is not "one" kind of person and not "one" approach to therapy. We attempt to utilize a variety of clinical approaches which match the clinical needs of each individual. These approaches may include: cognitive-behavioral therapy, solution-oriented, DBT (dialectic behavioral therapy) play therapy, EMDR,  biblio-therapy,  creative writing, parenting coaching, mindfulness and relaxation skills, and art therapy. We also offer many group therapies (see "group-workshops" page).

Our Canine Assistant
"Dr. Murphy", a 9 year old golden retriever, passed away March 13, 2017.  "Dr. Finn" a golden retriever has taken in the office. For many people, they create a calming environment. To learn more about Dr. Murphy and Canine/Pet Therapy, click here 

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