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Empowering Young Women

Through Creative Arts and Yoga

Sherri Snyder developed a new program called "Empowering Young Women Through Creative Arts and Yoga". This unique program combines art, yoga, guided imagery, and other playful activities to inspire young women to be authentic, to create from their hearts, to connect at a deeper level with peers,  and to discover inner peace.

If you are a school, agency, community program and would like to offer this workshop at your program, please contact Sherri at: 

EmBODY Love (for Women)  FLYER


Inner Beauty Shop (for teens)  FLYER

The EMBODY Love Movement is a powerful 3-hour workshop which takes participants through a journey of challenging self-judgment, core beliefs, challenging the messages portrayed in the the media, and leads participants into self-respect.

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These workshops will be offered in our office every other month. If you would like this workshop offered in your school or agency, please contact Sherri directly for details:

Sherri Snyder-Roche is now a Certified EmBody Love Facilitator after completing the training at Kripalu. The powerful 3-hour workshop takes participants through an experiential journey of self- exploration, challenging beliefs, self-perceptions, and leading participants into self-respect and empowerment.

EmBODY LOVE Movement

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